Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big Back-In 2009

Spirit Lake is Dad Heaven every Father's Day when souped-up lawnmowers take over Maine Street for some intense drag racing fun.

OK, so maybe it's not that intense. The stock mowers putt along at a whopping 6 mph, but when the modified mowers take off, look out. Some go nearly 40 mph -- faster than most jalopies cruising the streets of Spirit Lake. Never mind that the town's speed limit is only 15 mph.

Just when you think life couldn't get any more exciting, The Big Back-In offers a bevy of sights to behold. Like a jacked-up ice chest that could easily traverse the crappiest of city streets.

And thank goodness the Ambrewlance is nearby in case you run out of beer. There's even an IV set up on board in case an oral booze fix wouldn't cure what ales ya.

And these push mowers might not do well in tight spaces, but I could use one in my uneven yardscape.
It's always good to see the town come out and support community events like The Back-In. This is Mayor Roxy Martin and don't worry folks. Those beer mugs were empty when she got them.

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