Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Fish of the Season

I'm sad to admit that last night I caught my first fish of the season.

Last year, I bought my fishing license on January 1 and started fly-fishing in waist-deep snow. I'd landed plenty of trout from rivers and creeks from Washington to Montana by this time last year.

Last night was a momentous occasion.

Not only did I pull in my first fish of the season, but it was the first time I had been out fishing on Spirit Lake. I fished from the docks and shore a couple of times last year, but I had never actually been out on the waters of my new home lake.

I found out last night that I've been missing out.

Beauty. I love it.

We spied heron and moose and wood ducks and pulled in fish after fish after fish. By nightfall, we had a bucket full of crappie and perch. (Fish in bucket are larger than they appear -- of course!)


Bay Views said...

I have many friends that claim that their fish are larger than they seem. could it be that you have become, (gasp)a fisher 'er woman at last, complete with lies prevarications and other like moves?

Bay Views said...

After further review, it appears that several minute bass are laying in wait for their toilet to be flushed.

Taryn A. Hecker Photography said...

Perch, Herby, perch. And a couple crappie.

I haven't caught a bass yet.

But give me time.

I will.