Monday, June 22, 2009

Leafblower Fashion Shoot -- BeerBBQ 2009

At the Grand Opening BeerBBQ for my new studio (co-hosted by my good buddy, Bent), Kerri Thoreson asked me if I had a wind machine in the studio.


But then I remembered: I have a leaf blower.

Guess what? A leaf blower makes for some wonderful high-fashion shoots. 

Nobody knows by looking at the pictures that we're using a leaf blower to make our supermodels look superfantabulous (Note: This word trademarked by Taryn A. Hecker Photography). Or that my assistant and wind blower-aimer is decked out in head to toe camo.

This is Rachel aka Rachelmom (above) . I've known her forever. She graduated from high school with my mom back in the Seventies. All I can say is, man, does she look hot in these pictures. I'm going to be sure to make a copy for her husband.

This is Kerri, aka the Beerhuntress. Her superfantabulously awesome Beerball Sausages took top prize at the first annual BBQ event at the Taryn A. Hecker Photography Studio grand opening here in Spirit Lake.

And speaking of fantabulous, Meg's rocking it BIG time.

We came up with a catchy slogan to advertise my new studio prop/yard tool.

But some people might misconstrue "Come get blown in Spirit Lake."

Dang. It has a good ring to it.


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Bent said...

Nice Pix T...Nice launch... niceblog too...Nice.